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Shadow the Care Experience from the patient and family perspective to improve outcomes and experiences while reducing costs

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Shadowing will Transform the Way You Deliver Care

Continuously improve outcomes and experiences by partnering with patients and families in the real-time co-design of care delivery.

Shadowing is a low-cost, high-impact practice that allows healthcare professionals to understand how patients and their families experience care within your organization.

GoShadow provides a platform to efficiently capture notes while Shadowing, organize and share those notes with team members, and report on opportunities for improvement throughout a Care Experience.

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GoShadow is a Two-Part Online Shadowing Solution

An iPad App to Collect and Organize

Easily create Care Experiences, coordinate Shadowers, and quickly capture and categorize Shadowing notes while in the field.

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An Online Platform to Manage and Report

Organize Care Experiences, review notes captured in the field, and build compelling reports that will drive change in your organization.

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Shadowing Can Transform the Way You Deliver Care

Shadowing Can Drive Change at Any Level

Whether you’re a practice of one or one hundred providers, Shadowing can provide vital insights into how your patients and their families experience care. Capture both objective and subjective information to build a complete picture for any Care Experience—and how to improve it.

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    Identify and eliminate unnecessary steps and inefficiencies in your delivery of care.
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    Foster intra-departmental collaboration and break down organizational silos and to capitalize on opportunities for improvement
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    Engage frontline staff and care teams in a continuous dialogue around patient-and-family centered care practices and improvements.
Care Givers

Individual Care Givers

For any person within a care setting whose work touches a patient’s or family’s experience.

Small Teams

Small Teams

For any care team that wants to collaborate in the creation of ideal Care Experiences.

Large Organizations


For organizations that want bottom-up insight into how patients and their families experience care.

What Care Givers Say About Shadowing

"I am no longer a fan of surveys. Everyone always told us how nice we were, and gave us high scores. Shadowing, however, showed us our real opportunities to improve the patient experience."

Executive Director Major Behavior Health Services Organizations

"We started with the 'Day of Surgery' for our first care experience back in 2007 because it was more narrowly focused, but since then, we have expanded to include the entire Surgical Care Experience."

Adminstrative Director Surgical Services, Major Hospital Network

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